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If you or a loved one were arrested for a DWI offense in Houston, you’ll need an experienced defense lawyer in your corner to ensure that your rights are upheld, and that you aren’t taken advantage of by the prosecutors from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

A Top Choice for Houston Defendants

Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson is among the top choices of Houstonians in need of legal representation for DWI related criminal cases. Persons convicted of drunk driving offenses in Texas face numerous penalties that can be avoided when the defendant has a lawyer fighting for them.

Saving Your TDL

The immediate impact of being arrested for drunk driving in Texas is Administrative License Revocation or ALR for short. ALR is the process of the state suspending your Texas Driver License on the basis of “suspicion” of driving while intoxicated without a trial or a jury convicting you of the offense. With The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates serving as your legal representation, you can be assured that our legal team will take steps to help keep you on the road. If you’re facing ALR after a drunk driving offense, our defense team will appear at the hearing and request the court to at least provide you with an occupational license. This way, you can continue to travel to and from your place of employment without being susceptible to arrest for driving with a suspended license in Houston.

Guilty & Innocent; DWI Charges Must Be Proven

Also worth nothing, not everyone accused of driving while intoxicated is guilty of the offense. With that said, even if you are guilty of driving while intoxicated, it doesn’t mean that you can be found guilty in the court of law. Prosecutors have a huge burden on their shoulders which is to prove the guilt of a defendant beyond a reasonable doubt of their innocence, which is usually a tall order when a defendant has an aggressive attorney retained. With an experienced Houston DWI defense lawyer as your representation, you can expect the evidence against you to be challenged and that prosecutors are held to the standard of proving their case, rather than otherwise.

The Best Lawyer in Houston for DWI Cases

Attorney Tad Nelson is a decorated DWI defense lawyer. He’s Board Certified® in Criminal Law per the Texas Board of Legal Specialization; a distinction achieved by very few Texas lawyers. Attorney Tad Nelson is also a member of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD); an organization that’s focused on improving the DWI defense bar on a national scale.

The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates will fight the charges against you by challenging the evidence, the arresting officer’s credibility, and not to mention the science of human biochemistry as it relates to determining whether or not you were intoxicated or if the police made a mistake during the arrest.

A Qualified Houston Drunk Driving Lawyer

We’re also qualified to challenge blood and breath test evidence, the functionality of the equipment used to determine the intoxication level of the defendant, and the training of the staff involved in the process. If the legal, scientific, or technical protocols related to the police department’s handling of the case aren’t upheld to the highest standards, the prosecution will face an uphill battle in pursuing a conviction of the defendant when they’re represented by The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates.

Our office defends individuals charged with misdemeanor drunk driving and folks charged with felony DWI offenses. Whether you’re facing prosecution for a 1st offense DWI, or if you’re caught up in an intoxication manslaughter case, we can help you. To contact Attorney Tad Nelson, call 713-489-7373 or 346-308-0696 to discuss your case and schedule your free case evaluation.

A Top Lawyer for Houston DWI Cases

The Heroin & Drunk Driving Menace in Texas

Driving Under Influence(DUI)

Refers to the act of driving a vehicle while intoxicated with an alcoholic drink. The impaired judgment brought forth by alcohol can cause an accident. Drunk driving is therefore outlawed in Texas. Drunk driving is endemic in the state. In the year 2016, there were roughly 15,687 Intoxication related crashes resulting to injuries. A soaring 64,971 arrests were made with a further 71,030 convictions conducted. There were however no DWI (Driving With Intoxication) refusals.
Notable Case

Cases of drunk driving have been rife in newsreels lately. Emily Javadi, a violinist was hit by a speeding vehicle as she left a workout facility in Uptown Dallas on 23 February 2015. She was rushed to hospital but succumbed to the sustained injuries hours later. The 23 year old, Travis Elwell, the driver, was charged with intoxication manslaughter. He was sentenced to 120 days in prison. Furthermore, he was directed to speak with DUI support groups and attend rehab program. The deceased’s family however, established the Emily Javadi Foundation to help create awareness on drunk driving and supporting the victims.The DUI laws in Texas.

The federal government of Texas has tightened the surveillance efforts targeting drunk drivers. The police actively stops drivers and measure their intoxication levels with breathalyzers. While some drivers know the legal implications of drunk driving, others get appear shocked when accused of the offense even when they are actually drunk.

The title 10 of Chapter 49 of Texas Penal Code outlines “DUI” as the state of not possessing correct mental and physical judgment capabilities due to use of drugs or alcohol. Police can use an array of techniques to gather evidence such evaluating the blood, urine and breath analysis. Information gathered during general observations such as the behavior, odor and appearance of the driver is also considered as evidence.

The penalties for minor DUI offenses have become stringent over the years with the increasing incidents. The first DWI offense attracts a fine of $2,000 with utmost 180 days in jail. Subsequent offenses have their penalties increased. Second DUI attracts a fine $4,000 with a one month to a year jail term with license suspension for three years. A third DUI offense brings a fine of $10,000 with 2 to 10 years in the county jail.

The Cost of Drunk Driving to the State of Texas

Immense resources are spent on education against drunk driving, attorney fees, vehicle impounding, and court bail fees. A compulsory DWI education program charges utmost $2,500. A driver whose driving license has been suspended has to depend on other forms of transport. A processing of $250 is also charged for renewal. Traffic events caused by DUI costs the state an estimated $43 Million in both in damages and life costs.


Opium has been in use by man for centuries. Morphine is extracted from opium poppy plants and eventually used to make heroine. Among its first intended purpose was to treat sleeplessness, diarrhea and application as a painkiller. Then Heroin became popular in the streets, and clubbers often sniffed it for relaxation after a hard partying night out.
How the Hell Dust paid homage in the Lone Star State.

Opium fields in Afghanistan have been identified as source of most of the world’s heroin. Closer home, some of this heroin is processed in Mexico and gets shipped through the border by drug cartels into the hands of street gangs, prison gangs, organized crime groups and other individuals who deliver it to the streets of Texan streets of Texan cities. Due to this, three distinct brands of Heroin gets sold in Texas, according to the assessment done by the U.S Department of Justice. These are the Mexican black tar which is dark and Mexican brown powder heroine which is brown.

Heroin easily finds its way to the marketplace of the potential customers. It’s not the bad drug anymore among the Texan youths and elsewhere in U.S.A. The media, in some ways, glamorizes it as a cool get away drug. Heroin has even been processed to mimic typical medicinal pills. Figures from Drug Enforcement Administration indicate roughly 400,000 Texans took Heroin in 2016 Alone. This is a slight increase compared to 38,450 in 2015. This has been accompanied by family break-ups, conviction, violence both in families and the communities as well as straining the federal funding of rehabilitation of drug addicts and education.

Settling the Dust. Texas Heroin Laws

It is considered a felony if an individual is found with as little as one gram of Heroin in Texas. Being in possession of it with intent to sell earns the individual life sentence. A special drug court program was established by Texas lawmakers in March 2001 which provide an alternative for a jail term for drugs offenders. This is aimed at improving the lives of the offenders, treatment and preventing the offenders from sliding back to drugs.

The 30 Year Anniversary of DWI Statistics

This year, we’ve marked exactly 30 years since the time when the National Authority for Road Safety (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) alongside with the federal government, intelligence agencies and state police departments have started to collect official statistics of drunk motorists (Driving While Intoxicated- DWI).

For three decades, the authorities have done a lot to reduce the number of DWI and manslaughter on the roads. However, blood testing was and remains now the leading method of calculating the amount of alcohol in blood.

Modern statistics are no less shocking: the drunk drivers still kill at least ten thousand people annually. Thus, the society experiences the challenges of alcoholism on its own back. The primary reasons for drunken driving are depression, hopeless financial position and the banal idleness.

Many researchers have pointed out that with the onset of economic crisis, “the moral character of motorists” has fallen dramatically and continues to fall.

“If today the police patrolling the road from California to New York give up their work in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the crime rate would reach a record level – says Nicholas Twice, a fighter against under-age drinking in San Francisco. – At this time of the day at least 10,000 drivers across the country are trying on handcuffs for DWI. More 10,000 intoxicated motorists sit behind the wheel at any other time. ”

This is a common fact that the night from Saturday to Sunday is the most dangerous time for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. A great number of injuries and accidents happen at this time of the day. However, the police and lawyers for defense during this period, on the contrary, are active on the road.

As a rule, drunken drivers aren’t seen in a high regard by insurance companies, courts, the supporters of a healthy lifestyle, sellers and manufacturers of alcohol (for this reason, they constantly raise the fines, fees and taxes), as well as human rights activists of all fields.

The Texas Intoxication Phenomenon

It seems that everyday someone in Texas dies due to the irresponsibility of another citizen who has chosen to drive their vehicles on roads that they must share with other people, while they themselves are impaired. Often times, these drunk drivers are putting those very people they share the roads with at risk. Be it due to alcohol ingestion or drug use, driving while impaired is never safe. Neither for the offender or the innocent, is drunk driving an act to be taken lightly or with a grain of salt.

A Number of Reasons

When stopped by Houston Police Department, and prior to such occurrences, people have the ability to come up with all sorts of different reasons for feeling the need to get drunk and drive, all in an attempt to justify their drunkenness aimed at getting out of a DWI arrest.

One reason people will claim they are intoxicated could be that they had a rough day at work, another excuse could be marital issues, or any other experience that can cause stress in the lives of those among us who drink on a regular basis who are seeking out excuses to justify their criminal wrongdoing. While drinking isn’t illegal, and it certainly isn’t illegal to have a beer on a bad day, it certainly is illegal to drive while drunk or while intoxicated on any substance be it legal or illegal.

People Die in Houston

Harris County Sheriff Deputy Jesse Valdez III

Harris County Sheriff Deputy Jesse Valdez III (RIP)

As with the case of the Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy that was killed in a violent auto accident by a local meth head who was out of prison on parole, innocent people lose their lives on a regular basis due to the irresponsibility, and lack of morals, of others.

Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Valdez III, (was) a single father residing in the Houston area, was killed this morning on Wallisville Rd in east Harris County, Texas (the Houston area) when an SUV slammed into his patrol car.

Kelly Jo Ivey is the person who was driving the vehicle, and you guessed it, she was in possession of a controlled substance, meth amphetamine, and was likely intoxicated due to usage of the drug at the time of the accident. Police found drugs on her person and her passenger, and she seemed intoxicated per news reports. Drug charges have been filed against the her in this case. She’s going back to jail. Thank God.

The Really Sad Part

Deputies said Ivey pleaded guilty in March to possession of a controlled substance and sentenced two-years in prison, according to court records. She was released from prison, deputies added, on parole this month, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

The officer was killed by a woman who should have been in jail.

DWI Laws in Texas

The Great State of Texas is known to be harsh on criminal offenders of all class while reserving its most harsh treatment for child molesters, capital murderers, and people who commit intoxicated manslaughter and other DWI related criminal offenses. The state of Texas leads the nation when it comes to the DWI phenomenon, and legislators in Austin have taken notice, have listened to their constituents, and have, and continue to, take actions on the matter as demonstrated by the passage of strict laws and penalties intent on deterring drunk driving, and punishing those people the penalties failed to deter.

Listed below is a general overview of the most common DWI offenses in the state of Texas, the punishment for each criminal offense, and other pertinent information for people who may need help gaining a broader understanding of the legal penalties for drunk driving related criminal offenses in Texas.

First Offense DWI

Only one DWI offense is required to cause you to incur a criminal history, and a chance at being charged as a felon on any subsequent offense. Be advised, there are a number of cases in which a 1st time DWI offender in Texas could be looking at felony charges with “DWI injury” or a “DWI causing death” being perfect examples.

With that said, if you’re arrested and charged with a DWI offense for the first time, you’ll be facing penalties which include a fine of up to 2,000.00, a sentence of anywhere from 72 hours to 180 days in jail, and your Texas Drivers License will be suspended for a period of anywhere from 90 days to 1 year. A first time DWI is a misdemeanor offense in Texas.

In most cases, people with a good lawyer who is adept at fighting DWI allegations, will avoid jail time altogether. The court will let them off with a slap on the wrist probationary sentence which can last anywhere from 6 months to two years.

Second Offense DWI

If you’re found guilty, or plead guilty to a DWI offense for a second time, you can expert far more harsh criminal penalties than those reserved for citizens guilty of such an offense for the first time. Depending on the caliber of DWI lawyer in your corner, you may be able to avoid jail time if your legal representation can get you a light sentence of something like Community Supervision from the court.

If you accept Community Supervision (Probation) you’ll have to fly straight for at least 2 years which is a long time if you intend on violating the terms, or refuse to clean up your act. Some jail time may be required prior to beginning the Community Supervision portion of the penalty which may entail as many as 200 hours of Community Service or more.

I guess it beats jail if you like the taste of freedom.

Aside from alternatives to serving a jail sentence, if you’re found guilty of Driving While Intoxicated for a second time, the maximum fine is 4,000.00, the jail sentence can range anywhere from 30 days to 1 year, and there’s a strong likelihood that your Texas Driver’s License will be suspended for the full 2 years of the “180 day – 2 year” Texas Drivers’ License suspension guidelines.

Per Texas Transportation Code §521.246 you may also be required to use some form of Ignition Interlock Device (IID) to prevent your vehicle from operating if your Blood Alcohol Level indicates to the devices that you are intoxicated.

Third Offense DWI

For 3-Time DWI offenders the monetary fine goes up to a massive 10,000.00 along with a jail sentence of 2-10 years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) detention facility. The driver’s license suspension period remains at 180 days to 2 years for 3-time DWI cases. Keep in mind that if you’re charged for a 3rd DWI offense in the state of Texas you’re dealing with a felony case.

There is still the possibility of avoiding jail time when found guilty for DWI a third time, but it’s circumstantial and based on things like “the last time you were arrested”, the severity of the situation surrounding the incident, alcohol concentration levels in the bloodstream at the time of arrest, and a number of other details that may be taken into account during the sentencing phase of your dealings with the court.

If you are granted probation for a 3rd time DWI offense in Texas, you may be forced to agree to up to 600 hours of Community Service, some mandatory jail time, and some form of rehabilitation treatment or enrollment in a rehabilitation program geared towards alcoholics.

Your legal representation will be able to better inform you of the potential circumstances of any probation you’re granted from the court as well as direct you to a rehab program if you find yourself in a situation like this.

DWI Manslaughter

When someone is killed on the road as a result of an intoxicated driver, its referred to as either Vehicular Manslaughter or, to be more formal, Intoxication Homicide. As Texans, I’m sure we all know someone who has been hit by a drunk driver, or either killed due to an automobile accident with a drunk driver. Hell, even entire generations of families have been wiped out by drunk drivers so expect no sympathy from me if you kill someone because you couldn’t be a responsible drinker and ended up gettin’ hit with a 20 year prison sentence after killing someone with your car.

Yes. A 20 year sentence. The situation can get crucial when it comes to criminal justice in Texas. Its criminal justice with the law-abiding citizen in mind.

Criminal penalties of a 10,000.00 fine, up to 20 years in prison, and a drivers license suspension will likely be imposed if you’re found guilty of Intoxication Homicide in Texas. For more information, or for expert legal advice, we recommend making contact with a lawyer who normally handles DWI cases in the Houston area with any questions that you may have about cases involving Intoxication Manslaughter in Texas.

DWI Injury

Intoxicated vehicular assault is, as its name implies, a serious felonious offense in which a drunk driver is responsible for causing injuries as a result of an automobile accident in which the victim suffered injuries or other bodily harm.

Punishment for such a criminal offense includes a fine of up to 10,000.00, two to ten years in a state correctional facility, and you can also expect your Texas Drivers License to be under a suspension that will last from 6 months to 1 year.

Driver’s License Suspension

A subtle penalty, but having your drivers license suspended in a city like Houston, TX will quickly leave you right in the middle of a rock and a hard spot. The city of Houston is amazingly huge to the point where a 30 minute drive to one area of town is seen as a short trip by native Houstonians making it important to have personal transportation of your own.

However, if you make the bad decision to drive in spite of having your driver’s license being suspended by the State of Texas you go straight to jail and likely violate any probationary deal you made with the court to prevent your having to serve jail time.

This can lead to more jail time.

Once your drivers license is suspended, the State of Texas, or the Medical Advisory Board to be more precise, will decide when to restore your driving privileges after the required amount of time has passed per the requirements of the law.

Prevention, Then Intervention

Lets all be honest; alcohol can be addictive just as much as being social and enjoying nights out can be. The key is moderation. Its perfectly fine and legal to enjoy a drink, and even to go out and get drunk. Aside from laws against public intoxication, you can get drunk as much as you want to at home without concern for legal repercussions and the need to hire a DWI lawyer to represent you in the court of law.

When you are out in public keep in mind there’s no rule that says that you “have to drive” yourself to and from your destination especially if there will be liquor or any other type of alcoholic beverages involved. Its important to be smart when enjoying alcoholic beverages because, as we all know, things can get out of hand quickly.

Get Legal Help From A Houston Lawyer

Taking a few years to think over your crime in jail, or attempting to fight DWI charges in a Houston, Texas courtroom without being protected by the legal representation of a top DWI defense lawyer is suicide if you ask me. And if you did ask me to refer to a lawyer in Houston that normally wins DWI trials in the court of law, I’d recommend making a phone call to the Houston DWI Attorney Tad Nelson of The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates by calling 713-802-1631 or 281-280-0100 as soon as possible for immediate legal advice and legal representation.

The law firm is led by Houston DWI lawyer Tad Nelson, and they not only have an office location in Houston, but also in League City, TX, and Galveston, TX.

Tad Nelson is one of less than 10 DWI lawyers in America who are not only attorneys, but scientists in their field. Regardless of whether or not you are guilty or innocent, be sure to hire a smart lawyer to fight for you in the court of law.

Why do 20 years in the penitentiary for a DWI in Houston that you may only need 1 or 2 years to learn from?

The Texas Intoxication Phenomenon

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