Effects Of Long-Term Alcohol Use

There are number of dangerous effects on the human body, mind, and public safety, that are caused as a result of alcohol use, and more importantly, long-term alcohol use. In this article we will be going over a few of the long-term effects of alcohol abuse.

Binge drinking and other forms of extreme alcohol usage, as well as continued long-term alcohol use in large amounts, have been associated with hundreds of health problems. Listed below are a few of the health problems that we felt the need to point out for our readers.

  • DWI arrest, unintentional injuries, car accidents, and drowning represent but a few of the dangers of alcoholism.
  • A number of alcoholics often burn themselves on accidents and/or cause residential fires which threatened their own safety and that of their families.
  • There are professional impacts as well. Some of the professional impacts of alcoholism are loss of productive capacity and a rise in the number of injuries that occur in the workplace.
  • Most alcoholics experience a spike in their blood pressure which can result in strokes and other heart related health problems.
  • Liver disease is a painful experience to lift, and is also tied to long-term alcohol use.
  • The nerves of the human body are subjected to irreparable damage as a result of long-term alcohol use.
  • Sexual impotence is also caused in males as a result of reckless alcohol abuse. If you fellas want to keep it up better put the drinks down.
  • Permanent brain damage has also been reported due to alcoholism right along with vitamin B1 deficiency.
  • Cancer in the mouth, throat, malnutrition, and cancer of the liver can also occur.


A number of people have decided to stop drinking after learning of the dangers caused to their lives, their bodies, and ultimately their health, by alcohol. There are number of programs available for people who need help overcoming alcoholism. We recommend contacting your local church or alcoholics anonymous organization for assistance beating the addiction.

Effects Of Long-Term Alcohol Use