Prison Break – Dennis Wayne Hope “The Running Man”

Serving an 80 year prison sentence at the Darrington Unit, south of Houston, Dennis Wayne Hope said the hell with it, and broke out of jail.

Dennis-Wayne-HopeI can’t really blame his for his escape. Just think, you are lying in a cell with no way to take advantage of life. For some people being locked down in the penitentiary is cool, but for others with a fiery spirit, its unacceptable.

Enter Dennis Wayne Hope; “The Running Man”. Dennis was a professional career robber and was jailed and sentenced to 80 years in prison for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. You know, the kind of crime you don’t wanna commit in the state of Texas. Regardless of your racial genetic history. He was 22 years old with his whole life swept under the rug.


  1. please

  2. Isabella Byrne says:

    What is Dennis W Hope’s sentence? when can he hope to be released? Is he on Death Row?

    • We got 80 years. I think he’s eligible for parole in 20-30 years.

      • Isabella Byrne says:

        You say “We”. Is that a typo error, meaning “He” or did you represent him?
        Also, is that 80 years on top of is 1st conviction he was serving at Darrington before he escaped?
        Are those sentences running concurrent or is it 80 + 80? Thank you for clarifying.

        • Was serving 80 yrs before breaking out of prison for the second time & committing more robberies. Is currently serving a 140 yr sentence.

  3. Daniel Perry says:

    when Dennis Wayne Hope escaped how long was it before he got caught again?

    • John Dough says:

      hey asshole. don’t glorify this criminal. What if it was your wife working as a cashier, struggling to make an honest living, and this idiot put a loaded .357 in her face! That’s a dangerous game. This guy is no better than your average everyday negroid criminal, just smarter. Don’t be so easily manipulated dude.

      • Honestly Speaking says:

        Asking how long it took to authorities to apprehend a fugitive is not glorification of the criminal nor the crime. Thank you for your uneducated, ignorant, racist comment.

        • Naxx1978 says:

          John dough is a fucking dipshit whose momma mistakenly forgot to abort his ignorant dumbass! Cowardly little troll scared of his own fing shadow so he goes on the internet to feel tough but safe.

      • John, If you took the time to look at the court documents and not believe everything you see on television shows that have disclaimers in the beginning saying they can reenact the story anyway they want, you would know he never pointed that gun at the cashier nor did he ever make anyone “get to the ground”. He never shot anyone, killed anyone etc. He was a stupid, bored teenager who never thought he would get an 80 year sentence when he never committed murder. Thanks for your Racist comments as well. Shows your the one being manipulated by television shows and ignorance. I’m sure you watch Fox news too! lol

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