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We Should Limit Drug Crime Penalties

It think we should drastically cut down the time a person who is convicted of selling or using drugs is expected to serve in prison with the exception of cases in which there was violence involved. Lets face it, drugs are, and have always been a part of American culture. While I won’t go as far as saying marijuana should be legalized because I think that idea is absurd and set a dangerous precedent, however, I don’t think people found be selling, or possessing the drug should ever be jailed for more than one year. I think if you pile on enough fines the system will take in more money, while not spending hard earned tax payer dollars on housing these criminals for years in prison, which in some cases, tend to be lifetime sentences when considering the number of repeat offenders who have fallen victim to senseless three strikes laws.

My Opinion.

Don’t Drink and Drive in Texas

Texas leads the nation in drunk driving related accidents and this is the cause of the deaths of a number of innocent people. Getting off on the criminal charge charge by hiring a DWI lawyer is one thing, but accidentally killing people because you couldn’t control your discipline with regards to alcohol consumption is another thing entirely.

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a criminal offense that happens to be severely prosecuted in the State of Texas, as well as many other states, and there can be felony class criminal implications for drivers suspected of operating a motor vehicle while impaired.

On this Mother’s Day, I did want to take a moment to thank God for my mother still being alive after being severely injured by a drunk driver in an automobile accident. Since the auto accident she has fully recovered and the suspect, to my knowledge, was prosecuted in the court of law.

Never take your loved ones for granted.

Do Some Check Ups Prior to Hiring A Lawyer

If you ever need to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Texas for a matter that involves defending you in the face of criminal prosecution, we recommend doing a few check-ups prior to paying that hefty retainer fee. One thing you may want to check is their online disciplinary records for any blemishes. A good place to start would be to look up their name in the state bar. Most state bar associations keep track of this information so it shouldn’t be to hard to find if it exists. The last thing one needs in their lawyer is a lack of professionalism. Another good thing to look for is online reviews of the attorney, or a lack thereof. This will be a good opportunity to see what others have to say about them, or to see if they have had enough clients to even generate any online reviews. Always do your homework before paying for legal representation.

Dangerous Prison Gangs – Documentary

As you can see in the documentary being shared, prison is not one place you or a love of yours could possibly want to be. A number of the people in jail are gang members, or had to become gang members in order to survive is prison. Call a protection measure, but nevertheless it serves to make more efficient criminals.

If you are ever arrested for a felony crime, and don’t want to end up in place like this, we strongly recommend hiring a criminal justice attorney that can possibly keep you out of jail.

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